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The Christian Unoin, under the Patronship of Kabutha Kimani and the Chairman MOSES MAINA  held a successful Challenge Weekend startinng from Friday the 18th JUNE 2011 all thro to the Sunday the 20th june. The ewent was a great success and as the C.U. we give al the glory to the LORD  ALMIGHTY for all that transpired durind the period. Many students came to know the Lord and have a personal relatoinship with CHRIST.

This year, we pray that the challenge weekend will be relevant as well as pivotal in shaping the lives of today's students.It will be held on a non specified in second term

Guest speakers from MICHUKI TECHNICAL C.U. came in their numbers and preached the word with zeal and passion. The name of CHRIST was exhalted obove every other name. Surely, GOD is transforming Nyakahura. As a school, we LOVE YOU LORD. LORD, You are trully EBENEZA

The Christian Union endeavors to bring up the student by developing all the aspects of human life. We nurture the student cognitive skills, talent, abilities as well as their moral and spiritual uprightness.

The C.U. has been actively participated in guidance and counselling while working together with other arms of the school. The club was started when the school was stared as an avenue of shaping the student morally as well as spiritually.

This is achieved through forums such as the challenge weekend and peer counseling It has also helped the student to meet and socialize with others from neighboring schools and in so doing helps to come up with solutions that ails our society like drug addiction, premarital sex, early pregnancy and also addresses the issue of H.I.V. and Aids from a biblical as well as contemporally point of view.

The C.U. has faced challenges of the time but has transformed itself to be relevant in today’s world. The C.U. plays a pivotal role in the day to day life of Nyakahura secondary school student.


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